Print inspection for printed flexible packaging

Inspection width: from 600 mm up to 2500 mm; others on request

Digital Assistance to extend the inspection capabilities of the basic setup: for PDF verification, web viewing, and inline color measurement for shortened make-ready

Inspection of printed material (film, paper, foil)

Continuous quality and process control in real-time

PrintSTAR is a 100% inline inspection system for continuousus continuous quality and process control in print production, including lamination and coating. By using high-resolution line-scan cameras combined with ultra-bright LED lighting, the system detects and classifies individual as well as repeating defects in real timereal-time. 

The possibility to react immediately react to a defect reduces its life span significantly. This leads to a cost-saving effect in production since waste will be substantially reduced. An immediate comparison against a client PDF proof ensures the print quality according to defined standards and within specific tolerances. 

Additionally, tools like advanced lane detection, register control, or intelligent material cutting maximize the production yield and improve the workflow efficiency. 

By using PrintSTAR in combination with ViewSTAR and ColorSTAR systems, even more comprehensive inspection insights will be achieved. Changeover times will be significantly reduced and quality characteristics precisely monitored.


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