Print inspection for printed flexible packaging

Inspection width: from 600 mm up to 2500 mm; others on request

Digital support to extend the inspection capabilities of the basic equipment: for PDF inspection, web view, inline color measurement for reduced makeready times

Continuous front-to-back register inspection - only one running defect map for all your applications

Analyze your production process with our data mining software EPROMI to make the right decisions

Inspection of printed material (film, paper, foil)

Continuous quality and process control in real-time

PrintSTAR is an inline inspection system that enables 100% continuous quality and process control in print production, including lamination and coating. Using high-resolution line scan cameras in combination with ultra-bright LED lighting, the system detects and classifies both single and repetitive defects in real time.

The ability to react immediately to defects considerably shortens their service life and leads to cost-saving effects in production through the significant reduction of rejects. Immediate comparison with a customer PDF proof ensures print quality according to defined standards and within certain tolerances.

In addition, tools such as advanced web detection, register control and intelligent material cutting maximize production yield and improve workflow efficiency. Static codes can be checked for legibility. By using multiple camera banks and special exposure concepts, PrintSTAR is also able to inspect hard-to-find defects such as toner defects (hazing), protective or decorative coatings and cold seals.

By combining PrintSTAR with ViewSTAR and ColorSTAR systems, even more comprehensive inspection results can be achieved. Changeover times are significantly reduced and quality features are precisely monitored.

The enhanced PrintSTAR EVO version has an improved camera with higher performance and a new, browser-based and very intuitive graphical user interface called "Touch & Inspect".


Experience PrintSTAR / PrintSTAR EVO in your application

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