Detects defects on the hot slab, that would be invisible to contrast-based 2D inspection technology.

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In-line surface quality inspection for slab casters

3D defect measuring including defect depth

4 side inspection of slabs

Improved roll mark detection

Best detection performance with outstanding image processing power

Improved process control with the earliest possible inspection positions of flat steel

100% inspection of all 4 sides of the slab

The SLAB MASTER detects defects on all 4 sides of the material on both cold and hot slabs with temperatures up to 1,000'C. The combined 2D/3D inspection system with laser triangulation detects and classifies all relevant 2D and 3D defects, including a depth information. Repair actions are taken correctly. This ensures that quality requirements are met, and that waste material is reduced to a minimum. It even allows conclusions about the casting process and reduces unnecessary preventive grinding. 

The information is generated in real time and displayed in the LiveView monitor. The system is delivered pre-trained and configured by ISRA PARSYTEC’s InstantClassifierTM technology for perfect out-of-the-box inspection results.

A SLAB MASTER system typically has the best-in-class ROI period.


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