Detect and classify all surface defects at every process stage - specialized for use on any surface and in any application.

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Individual solutions for every application and production line

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Status quo for process optimization and quality assurance

The efficient SMASH inline inspection system detects and classifies all surface defects at every process stage. The system ensures that:

  • End customers receive only flawless material

  • Waste is reduced and marketable production volume increased

  • Product properties are fully monitored, and defect sources corrected 

  • Plant operators can make product changes efficiently, saving costs

SMASH offers cutting-edge sensor technology consisting of application-specific camera and lighting systems, specialized for use on any surface and in any application. By detecting and classifying all relevant defects, the system gives users immediate feedback about the production process and material quality. Innovative software tools guarantee automatic quality classification for every roll produced. 100% inspection and 100% documented quality guarantee safe and reliable results for customers and in quality deliberations with suppliers. Audits can be successfully conducted by means of dedicated software tools.

Optional Beyond Inspection Tools are efficient enhancements that improve product quality and optimize production processes effectively. This saves costs and maximizes revenue and profits. 

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