Identify and classify surface defects accurately on all metal surfaces and at all production speeds

Leading surface inspection system for all standard applications in the metal industry

Dual sensor detects both contrastbased and topographic defect types

Quick installation due to automatic detection optimization

Most powerful image processing capabilities for most reliable defect detection

Detection of both topographical and contrast defects

The SURFACE MASTER identifies and classifies surface defects accurately on all metal surfaces and at all production speeds. The collected data can be used to make validated decisions about further material processing and allocate every order to the right classification.

Combining the capabilities of matrix and line scan cameras, the dual sensor allows users to detect both topographical and contrast defects. This results in extremely powerful inspection performance that achieves excellent measurement results even in demanding applications, like e.g. the inspection of metal sheets for the later passenger car outer skin.

Furthermore, the inspection system determines whether the surface is fully coated and the structure of the surface is in the predefined corridor. This ensures perfect application and high coating durability.

The innovatove ISRA PARSYTEC classificator already includes over 80% of all typical defect classes with its standard installation. 

A SURFACE MASTER system typically has a payback period of just a few weeks.

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