Unwind Control System (UCS)

The UCS precisely synchronizes the defect database for each roll - for a clear fault assignment and maximum availability of the winder

Flexible unwind control system for accurate defect assignment

The UCS precisely synchronizes the defect database for each roll using a code marking applied to the web edge. This ensures that defects can be clearly assigned by location on the sheet in the next production stage regardless of paper losses incurred in the process.

The UCS system can be integrated at various points in the process:

  • On the rereeler, the code can be used to precisely locate critical defects and eliminate them.

  • In the offline coating systems and calenders – the system allows users to take measures to prevent severe process disruptions, such as nip release at blade coaters or calenders. 

  • On the winder, each finished roll can be assigned an individual defect database that can be correlated with the end customer’s quality requirements.                        

The UCS turns the PAPER MASTER into the ideal papermaking tool, ensuring and documenting product quality from head box to door.

  • Cutting-edge code marking tec
  • Exact sychronisation
  • LaserMarker: virtually maintenance free, no consumables

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