Customer service at its best: For maximum production efficiency

Our tailored service solutions help you get the most out of your ISRA inspection systems and ensure maximum efficiency. We are a reliable partner at your service around the clock, offering quick and professional advice. Our highly qualified service teams across the world provide you with the best possible support in implementing, maintaining and servicing your systems and plants, enabling you to

  • operate your systems with maximum efficiency and achieve a consistently high level of production
  • optimize costs in your value chain through preventive quality management.

The following service modules are available:

ISRA customer service: At your service with quick and professional advice

Permanently cost-efficient technologies

ISRA VISION Academy: Tapping the full technical potential of your systems

* The total price for a phone call arise from the tariffs of your network operator or service provider for calls to the respective region and from a special tariff, which amounts to 6.3 cents per 30 seconds from Monday to Friday between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm and 6.3 cents per minute within the remaining time.