This page shows all inspection solutions for final assembly

car production and final assembly line.

Inspection solutions for final assembly

  • Shorter cycle times improve productivity and profitability
  • Increase high-quality output
  • IIncreased process reliability
  • Reliable error-proof processes

Final Assembly

Reliable automated assembly processes are a prerequisite for consistent quality. With our systems, you benefit from proven automation solutions for all assembly applications. They ensure continuous process and quality control and support parts handling - large or small, sorted, or unsorted.

Tried and tested in numerous installations around the world, our technologies guarantee 100% quality assurance and unlock significant potential for greater efficiency, ensuring a rapid return on investment.

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Automation in the Door Line

final assembly doorline

The use of fully automated in-line measurement is a key factor in ensuring high-quality, reliable door production and offers significant benefits. Automated assembly of seals, welding of seal ends, and inspection of their quality as well as component handling can be performed accurately and efficiently. This reduces the need for manual rework, improves production speed and consistency, and minimizes the risk of errors or defects in the final product.


Minimize manual rework

Improve production speed and consistency

Achieve valuable data for process optimization and quality control

Identify production issues in time

User-friendly software


  • Precise 3D robot guidance with minimum material usage

  • Highly flexible system configuration to any customer requirements

  • Robot interface for all common robot manufacturers

  • Solutions for “stop & go”, “moving-line” and “on-the-fly” processing 

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Best Fit Component Alignment

Panorama Roof Decking

Highly accurate robot positioning is essential for the correct assembly of different objects. Best fit component alignment with SHAPEMATCH3D is a highly flexible 3D robot guidance system that ensures uniform and customizable gaps, especially when installing windows, sunroofs, panoramic roofs, and more. The quality of the high-precision process is documented by a final measurement.


Ensure process continuity: stable, robust, and fast robot guidance for constant and continuous processes in all ambient light conditions

Full flexibility: Handle multiple car types and multiple component types in the same line

Compensate position deviations with 100% reliable component alignment

Save costs & resources with low installation and maintenance efforts

Features and technical data

  • Robot-guided component alignment for glass decking & panorama, front-end, and bumper mounting

  • Flexible use for “stop & go”, “moving-line” and “on-the-fly” processing

  • Robust construction suitable for robot mounting and rough conditions

  • Robot interface for all common robot manufacturers

  • 1 to n sensor combinations for any part sizes and geometries

Technical data
  • Typical measuring time of 250 ms or less

  • Accuracy of 0.2 mm

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Bead Inspection

RTVision 3d bead inspection on car body

Increasing demands for product quality and, as a result, high-quality adhesive bonds are becoming ever more important in the automotive industry. With RTVision.3d from QUISS, it is now possible not only to measure the width, position, and continuity of the bead application but also its height. This provides insights into the applied material volume.

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Maximum performance and precision with patented solution

Inline monitoring for outstanding quality without additional cycle time

Easy to use and quick to install thanks to intuitive software  

Extrinsic calibration enables traceability to robot coordinates

Features, Typical defects and technical data

  • Three-dimensional inspection for greater inspection quality

  • 360° application coverage ensures 100% bead inspection

  • 6x laser triangulation for maximum curve coverage

  • Laser class 2M: only basic safety level required 

  • Robust and compact design for flexible adaption to any inspection task

Typical defects

  • Height deviations

  • Gaps

  • Position deviations

  • Width deviations

Technical data
  • Robot speed up to 600 mm/s

  • Working distances of 85 mm to 245 mm 

  • High-precision glue bead detection up to 0.1 mm

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Cockpit Insertion

Cockpit Mounting

Robot-guided insertion of cockpits into the body ensures stable cycle times and cost-effective production with high flexibility. The same system can handle different vehicle types and cockpits. At the same time, the stationary sensors require little maintenance. 


100% perfectly mounted cockpits into the car body

Full flexibility to handle multiple car types in the same line

Minimal effort for preventive maintenance

Features and technical data

  • Automatic insertion of the cockpit through 

  • stereo metric measurement of the cockpit on the rack and the inner cockpit’s bolt’s position
  • Automatic adjustment of the robot guidance

  • “Stop-&-Go” or “On-the-Fly” layout possible

  • Stationary sensor mounting

  • Simple and clearly structured GUI

Technical data
  • Stereo sensors with measurement standoff: 100 to 5,000mm

  • Measurement accuracy: ± 0.1mm (depending on the field of view)

  • Measurement features: edges, holes, planes

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Seat Insertion

Seat Insertion

Manual insertion of vehicle seats in the body requires precision and strength from the operator, despite the aids available. This is especially the case when it is done in motion. 

Automatic installation with 3D robot guidance sensors determine the 3D position of the vehicle openings, so that the robot can perfectly insert the seats in the vehicle with its gripper. 

Robot-guided insertion of seats into the car body ensures stable cycle times and cost-effective production with high flexibility.

The same system can handle different vehicle types and seats. At the same time, the stationary sensors require little maintenance.


100% perfectly mounted seats into the car body

Full flexibility to handle multiple car types in the same line

Minimal effort for preventive maintenance

Easy-to-use software with graphical user interface

Features and technical data

  • All measurements are independent of the color or reflection properties of the components

  • Placement based on online measurements

  • Intuitive user interface and can be used without any expert knowledge

  • Compatible with all common robot types 

  • Suitable for stationary and robot mounting

Technical data
  • Cycle time below 500ms 

  • Efficient object position determination in 4 degrees = x, y, z and Rz

  • Low space requirements and ease of integration in confined spaces

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Wheel Mounting

Wheel Mounting

Non-contact identification of wheels and break discs, accurate position detection, and high-precision guidance: our robot-guided wheel mounting system ensures robust and highly accurate processes, maintaining or even reducing machine cycle times and achieving maximum uptime.

With MiniPICK3D, manufacturers can automate wheel assembly safely and reliably, while remaining flexible for different vehicle types and wheels on the same line.  


Stable, robust, and fast robot guidance for continuous processes 

High-speed: scan time <1s

Teach-from-Scan to get a more accurate model of the real part

Features and technical data

  • Measurement of wheel position including orientation

  • Measurement of break disc position including the corresponding orientation

  • Robot-mounted sensor including single-shot-calibration

Technical data
  • Multi-stereo-vision: 4 cameras, 2,3 MP

  • Random dot pattern

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Fuel & Power Insertion

Fuel Fill Insertion

Robot-guided opening of the fuel cap and detection of the filling position or the charging plug allows the vehicle to be refueled or charged directly in the line in a cycle-time-optimized manner. The color of the vehicle has no effect on the measurement performance.


100% Fuel insertion on all cars

Full flexibility to handle multiple car types on the same line

Minimal effort for preventive maintenance

Simple and clearly structured GUI

Features and technical data

  • Stereometric measurement of cap opening position for robot-guided fuel insertion or battery charging

  • Moving configuration «On the fly»

Technical data
  • Required preposition of the car body ± 20 mm

  • Accuracy: ± 0.2 mm to ± 0.3 mm

  • Measurement time: < 1 sec.

  • All body colors 

  • Stand off: 300-350 mm

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Vehicle Marriage

Chassis Marriage

The vehicle marriage - putting together the body, drive system and chassis - is a complex assembly process in which precision is everything. 

The ISRA Inspection System replaces manual inspection practices. The intelligent multi-camera system is a nondestructive, non-contact, fast and flexible system based on VIVA technology for  comprehensive inspection of completeness and position detection for safeguarding the “marriage” process.

There is no need to position the components accurately in advance, as VIVA comes with automatic object detection and component position correction as standard. It even reliably identifies and inspects objects that have been moved and turned, preventing complications in downstream process steps and considerably reducing costs.


100% perfectly mounted chassis into the car body

Unlimited flexibility and ease of use

Placement based on online measurements

Full flexibility to handle multiple car types in the same line

Minimal effort for preventive maintenance

Intuitive operation, understandable and fast diagnosis

Features and technical data

  • “Stop and go” or moving « on the fly » configuration 

  • Easy and transparent parameterization off all recognition and verification parameters for an easy operation.

  • All measurements are independent of the color or reflection properties of the components

  • Multiple image processing tools integrated 

  • Integrated sequence control

  • Standardized user interface

  • Configurable applications

Technical data
  • Car body Preposition: ± 20 mm 

  • Accuracy: ± 0.3 mm to ± 0.5 mm

  • Measuring time: For each camera the acquisition and processing time is max. 350 ms

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Gap & Flush

Our Perceptron non-contact gap and flush solution for final assembly creates an objective dimensional quality gate that ensures every vehicle leaving your facility achieves the highest standards for fit and alignment. A fully automated solution measures the relationship between mating parts and directs your personnel where to adjust or what to correct in the manufacturing process.

These solutions are supported by our brand:

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Reduce customer complaints and warranty claims for road, wind noise and water leaks

Automate manual, subjective operations

Guide fitters to only adjust where needed

Closed-loop feedback with other stations to optimize the build process


  • Moving line or stop station options

  • Repeatable, accurate measurements on glass, chrome, polycarbonate, carbon fiber, painted metal, and more

  • Reliably measure gaps less than 1mm or gaps that have been partially filled with noise reduction materials

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Production Analytics


Ensure that your quality standards are met: With comprehensive visualization, analysis, reporting, and alerting tools, IQ-VIS enables live monitoring of ongoing production. The database system collects, consolidates, aggregates, and analyzes all results from the various measurement systems throughout a production facility.

IQ-VIS is an intelligent toolbox for a wide range of users, such as maintenance, operations, and management. The client-server architecture allows data to be accessed both locally and across plants.

This makes production more transparent and allows emerging trends to be visualized in the shortest possible time. Negative influences on product quality can be addressed immediately before quality problems cause additional costs.


Control center function for real-time status visualization in the systems

Analysis function for conducting special comparisons, e.g. correlation analysis

Reporting function for automatically generating customer-specific reports

Customer service & training


For the efficient and future-proof operation of your production systems our highly qualified service teams support you globally in all matters. We provide the implementation, maintenance and servicing as well as the analysis and optimization of your systems - quickly, reliably, 24/7. 

Visit our service center and request your customized service solution. 

Furthermore, learn in the ISRA VISION Academy how our competent trainers always keep your employees up to date with the latest knowledge so that system operators, product engineers and quality managers become real inspection experts.

Visit our ISRA VISION Academy and book your individual and scalable trainings.

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