This Webpage shows all inspection solutions for corrugated boards.


Inspection systems for corrugated boards

  • Optimize print quality
  • Reduce production costs
  • Improve customer satisfaction

Maximize print quality on corrugated boards

Displays, so-called shelf-ready trays, promotional displays for point-of-sale, or even secondary packaging are being printed more and more elaborately to contribute to a special shopping experience. The quality of the printed image on a corrugated boards is decisive for its appeal to the end consumer: printing errors, such as missing color or even a missing printed image, register errors, stripes, and similar defects lead to rejects and rising production costs. The automatic print inspection helps to avoid these defects and reliably ensures the quality of corrugated boards.

Flawless flexographic and digital printing

Corrugated carton board

Corrugated boards are traditionally printed using the flexographic process, whereas digital printing is becoming more popular as the demand for individualized packaging and faster changeovers increases. Printing defects in both printing methods lead to waste and rising production costs. The inline inspection system CartonSTAR ensures consistently high product quality by reliably detecting relevant printing defects in real-time. In addition, defective corrugated sheets are automatically sorted out at an early stage. CartonSTAR is also flexible and customizable to meet nearly any printing application and has a high form-fit factor to fit any machine in the market.


Reduction of waste and customer complaints

Precise inline inspection of the printed job at the highest machine speed

Earliest detection of systematic printing defects

100 % detection of sporadic defects

“Open Architecture” - Full flexibility in terms of needed detection capabilities (resolution, color, etc.)

Customization possibilities to unique printing application (holographics, etc.)

High form-fit factor with high degree of freedom to fit any machine in the market

High efficiency and long life LED illumination for years of maintenance free service

Features and typical defects


  • Substrate compensation to avoid false alarms 
  • Automatic ejection of defective boards 
  • Advanced defect classification  
  • Job management for different quality levels; adjustable quality parameters 
  • Verification of the correct print job and checking the printing plates by comparing them with the customer’s PDF 

Typical defects

of Flexographic Printing 

  • Streaks 
  • Register defects 
  • Splashes 
  • Dirt 
  • Color deviation 
  • Missing print 

of Digital Printing 

  • Mottling 
  • Banding 
  • Nozzle streaks 

Model AG ensures zero-defect carton board packaging

Read how the Swiss packaging producer Model AG optimizes quality assurance and transparency in carton board packaging with the CartonSTAR and PaperMASTER inspection systems. The systems ensure precise defect detection, classification and continuous monitoring, reducing production downtime and increasing customer satisfaction. Find out how the systems offer maximum reliability and help Model AG to achieve zero-defect production and increase overall packaging quality.

DS Smith enhances corrugated board quality and sustainability

DS Smith, a leader in corrugated board packaging, achieves superior print quality and sustainability with CartonSTAR. The two-camera solution with high-performance LED illumination distinguishes quality-relevant defects, ensuring optimized production, reduced complaints, and a more sustainable use of resources. Read the success story to find out how CartonSTAR's defect classification function enables quick adaptation to customer-specific quality requirements and thus contributes to DS Smith's commitment to outstanding quality in corrugated board packaging.

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Production analytics - Data-driven production efficiency

The web-based production analytics platform allows you to check the system status of all production lines at a glance or analyze production data in detail. With the quality management system, you analyze historical data, monitor current inspection data in real-time, and identify future trends in your production process.

Optimization of production

Dashboards allow you to compare production line and product data onsite or remotely, providing key insights for optimization. This enables you to make informed professional decisions along your value chain to increase the product quality as well as profitability. You can continuously track the progress of optimization measures and present them with visualized advanced reports.

Early detection of production defects

Detect and quickly identify the cause of threshold value violations at every stage of production with live status information and automatic alerts. As a result you can quickly resolve production defects, shorten downtime, and reduce production costs.

Predictive maintenance

You can prevent potential system failures by analyzing real-time data from the sensors and monitoring systems. This allows proactive planning of maintenance, based on the actual condition of the machines, instead of following a fixed schedule. This data-driven approach saves costs through reduced downtime and increased overall productivity, as well as longer production line life. 

Your benefits

  • Time-saving multi-line overviews, one view for all quality-related information
  • Minimize downtime by monitoring system health data
  • Faster reaction to quality issues with quality data monitoring
  • Fast elimination of production defects, reduction of production costs
  • Improved maintenance for reduced downtime, higher overall productivity and longer production line life

Key features

Overview on production data and plant status

Web-based solution, no client software installation required

Department oriented dashboards, customer specific adaptations are possible

Live insights from real time data

Threshold monitoring and alerting

Open to integrate relevant third-party data and export data to the customer's systems

Customer service & training


For the efficient and future-proof operation of your production systems our highly qualified service teams support you globally in all matters. We provide the implementation, maintenance and servicing as well as the analysis and optimization of your systems - quickly, reliably, 24/7. 

Visit our service center and request your customized service solution. 

Furthermore, learn in the ISRA VISION Academy how our competent trainers always keep your employees up to date with the latest knowledge so that system operators, product engineers and quality managers become real inspection experts.

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