Optical inspection system identifies and locates smallest cracks inside bulk wafer material

Seamless integration into existing process lines

Detection of natural and artificial micro cracks in high-speed

Tailor-made optical setup allows significant increase in detection performance

Flexible integration into high volume wafer handling systems, as well as existing system

SEMI-compliant construction for clean room operation in FEOL

Crack detection for semiconductor wafers

Wafer breakage during polishing is a cause of high cost. Micro-cracks are often the reason for the breakage. Defect wafers must be sorted out in time to avoid expensive cleaning and long machine downtime.

Integrate crack detection easily into existing systems

The CrackScan optical inspection system precisely detects and identifies tiny cracks inside a wafer. The high-speed line scan cameras reliably detect defects such as LLS, PID, or COP with the highest precision, even at maximum throughput rates.

The system is easy to integrate into existing fully automated production lines. CrackScan can be used either as a standalone system or combined in a cluster with other inspection processes like WafQScan and SpecGAGE3D. CrackScan can be supplemented with EdgeScan to detect defects like chippings and scratches on the wafer edge. 


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