Precise 3D robot guidance for a wide range of applications

Suitable for stationary and robot mounting

Object determination in 3D

Maximum variety of component shapes and part sizes

Accuracy of ± 0.5 mm

Measurement time: < 0.3

Increased tolerance for part positioning

Low space requirements and ease of integration in confined spaces

Intelligent Sensor - Complete functionality on-board

Stand-Alone operation - No external Processing required

Cloud / Edge integration for centralized control and maintenance of all installations in a factory

Wireless interfaces and OPC UA protocol support

Spatial vision with a single camera for a maximum variety of detectable components

MONO3D uses only one camera to measure every point in the camera's 3D field of view with accuracy and speed. The system determines the position of an object in all six degrees of freedom, comprised of the three spatial axes and the angles of rotation around each axis - even if it is in motion. The information on the component’s exact position is then used for precise robot path planning. 

All the MONO3D system needs to reliably identify a component are three individual features, such as holes, edges or corners. This allows detecting a maximum variety of component shapes, without the need for pre-positioning. In a multi-sensor arrangement with multiple systems, MONO3D covers measurement volumes of up to several cubic meters.

MONO3D features an intuitive user interface that can be used without any expert knowledge and allows the operator to easily analyze the system when necessary. Additionally, the intuitive user interface supports effortless configuration of new component shapes within a matter of hours. Compatible with all common robot types, MONO3D ensures reliable production processes and automation for enhanced efficiency. 
The range of potential applications varies greatly, from removing parts from pallets and containers to positioning the parts for assembly, precisely feeding parts into the machining center. For example, automotive manufacturers use MONO3D to automatically unload doors, tailgates and hoods from a rack. 
MONO3D: precise 3D robot guidance possible with just a single camera while ensuring the highest level of flexibility in production.


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