Real-time 360° pouch inspection at line speed

Detection of 2D- and 3D-defects

Dimension monitoring

Barcode and OCR-inspection

Integrated in the production line

Track and Trace

Long term archiving of inspection data

Prevention of errors and safety defects in battery cell production

Recalls due to defective battery cells are costly and can significantly impact your brand reputation as an automaker. 100% product testing and complete quality documentation is therefore essential for battery suppliers and electric vehicle manufacturers. Particularly in the production of high-performance battery cells, which come in three different designs: Pouch cells, cylindrical cells, and prismatic cells. 

Since these battery cells are densely packed in battery assemblies for electric vehicles, their quality and integrity directly affect the road safety of electric vehicles. 

For the inspection of battery cells, ISRA VISION offers an innovative solution that enables comprehensive process and quality control. This 360° inline and offline solution ensures 100% inspection and the delivery of only flawless battery cells.

In addition to dimensional inspection, the battery cell inspection also detects surface defects and contamination. The system can also reliably check barcodes and data codes. Automatic camera calibration and an integrated GigE Vision high-speed interface make it particularly easy to set up the inspection system and integrate it into a fully networked smart factory at full production speed.   

The inspection system is directly integrated into the production line. It inspects four sides plus top and bottom, detects 2D and 3D defects such as dents, bumps, scratches, folding, and contamination. And it performs a dimension-check as well as barcode and OCR-Inspection. 


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Battery cell production

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