SurfaceSTAR GS

The Gel Sensor is designed to reliably monitor gels and black specs and is based on SMASH technology

SurfaceSTAR GS (Gel Sensor)

The SurfaceSTAR GS is a compact sensor unit that reliably monitors gels and black specks during the production of plastic film. It is based on the proven SMASH technology and the broad experience and technological competence from ISRA surface inspection with roughly 40 years of experience. SurfaceSTAR GS is designed as a single machine vision component by ISRA VISION directly for new lines or as a retrofit supplement for existing lines.

Due to its direct communication with the PLC process control, it forms a closed-loop system that counts and monitors defects when they arise. For example, it detects defects due to temperature fluctuations during extrusion, at the earliest possible point in time, passes them on to the process control, and thus enables rapid regulation. This prevents faulty manufacturing and saves costs.

  • Plug & Play-concept
  • Monitoring of defects down to 100 µm
  • Closed-loop system enables the fastest possible regulation of defect causes
  • 400 mm field of view
  • OPC-UA interface / OPC compatible as well as MQTT

Discover the full range of applications for SurfaceSTAR GS

Plastic film, foil and sheets

The brand-new SurfaceSTAR GS Gel Sensor is designed to be directly integrated into blown- / cast film lines. Save yourself complicated retrofitting.
Plastic film production

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