Web viewing secures premium image quality at the fastest image capture rate

Capable of monitoring transparent and UV inks

Dynamic image stabilization - Tolerates extreme web variations

Excellent monitoring of highly reflective materials (with RL Model)

Perfect tool for the operator due to automatic scan functionality

Automated register settings

Precise image display of the entire repeat with fastest image capture rate in the industry

The web viewing system ViewSTAR monitors finest print characteristics and hue variations with maximum resolution and color. 

The system's high-resolution dual camera consists of a modern design viewer with no moving lenses. This is combined with advanced LED flash technology to ensure a detailed image of the entire repeat. Therefore, ViewSTAR not only provides a precise image display, even on highly reflective, transparent, and UV inks, it also delivers the industry's fastest image capture rate.

The dynamic image stabilization tolerates extreme web variations and therefore ensures a simple and sustainable process control. ViewSTAR can easily be integrated in the 100% print inspection systems PrintSTAR and ColorSTAR.


Latest news

ViewSTAR now features the "RegisterControl" module, which ensures the automated setting of the flexographic printing units in the register. This function saves labor time as well as material and energy. Leading to higher efficiency and sustainability in production.

Learn more about the new functionality of ViewSTAR.

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