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Inspection solutions for EV battery production

  • Safe and efficient battery assembly applications
  • Higher productivity and greater efficiency
  • Achieve highest product quality
  • Consistency in the production and minimizing waste

Vision solutions for EV battery production

Cover to tray assembly

Intelligent vision systems provide the key to higher productivity, greater efficiency and total quality assurance and help manufacturers achieve highest product quality, consistency in the production and minimizing waste.

Machine vision solutions can be used in several steps of the lithium battery production such as battery module assembly, Cell stack assembly; gap filler applications, tightening of modules, cover sealing and cover to tray assembly.

Pick & Place

Cover to tray assembly

The final step of battery assembly is the mounting of the cover onto the battery tray. When joining a battery cover to its tray, more than 100 fasteners can be needed. This requires a fast application to achieve a short cycle time.

Precise positioning of the joining tool is crucial for the assembly process step to deliver the highest quality standards. MONO 3D performs pick-and-place of battery covers precisely and enables fast and reliable robot guidance which is the key driver for high-volume production. Fast image processing algorithms during computing increase the speed and accuracy of the tightening process. The MONOxD Software calculates the 3D coordinate transformation and sends the offset to the robot controller to optimize the tool path.


Excellent process reliability, efficiency, and quality

Reliable production processes

Ready to use in hours with any robot

Online-Teaching for a quick and easy handling of system during operation without loss of production time

Full flexibility for handling different kind of parts

Easy-to-use software with graphical user interface

Features and technical data


  • Intuitive user interface and can be used without any expert knowledge

  • New component shapes can be configured in just a few hours

  • Compatible with all common robot types

  • Suitable for stationary and robot mounting 

Technical data

  • Cycle time below 500ms 

  • Efficient object position determination in 4 degrees = x, y, z and Rz

  • Low space requirements and ease of integration in confined spaces

Bead Inspection

RTVision.3d battery manufacturing

To meet the high safety and performance requirements of battery manufacturing, the thermal compound material must be applied continuously, in the right position, width, and height. Only balanced and sufficient material distribution for optimal conductivity and heat dissipation avoids battery defects. RTVision.3d is the ideal solution for inspecting bead quality as it can measure not only the width, position, and continuity of the bead application, but also its height.


Ensure an optimal conductivity and heat dissipation 

Avoid manual rework or even scrap of the part 

Get immediate feedback, if an error has been detected

Features, typical defects and technical data


  • 100% 3D inline solution for adhesive application in battery manufacturing 

  • Covering all bead geometries

  • Automatic bead repair function 

Typical defects

  • Widt deviations

  • Position deviations

  • Height deviations

  • Gaps 

Technical data

  • ±​ 0.1mm accuracy in width​

  • ±​ 0.1mm accuracy in position​

  • ±​ 0.1mm accuracy in height​

  • ±​ 0.1mm accuracy in adhesive gaps​ 


Automated tightening with position control

Following the quality inspection, a multispindle with MONO3D robot guidance allows a perfect tightening process. Fast image processing algorithms during computing increase the speed and accuracy of the tightening process. The MONOxD Software calculates the 3D coordinate transformation and sends the offset to the robot controller to optimize the tool path.


Maximum process accuracy

Increased process efficiency and quality

Features and technical data

  • Precise and efficient object position determination in 4 degrees: x, y, z and Rz

  • Fast image processing and offset provision 

  • Large field of view depending on working distance

  • Low space requirements and ease of integration 

Technical data
  • Cycle time below 500 ms

Fire Protection

Battery modules

In the event of a battery cell fire, it is essential that passengers have sufficient time to exit the vehicle safely. A 2-component fire protection material can be applied to delay the spread of flames. However, the effective application of this material requires a seamless and highly accurate flat stream application. 

Quiss bead inspection solutions control the precise material application to ensure it is correct.


Improved quality​: Direct feedback on the volume applied to catch quality issues immediately

Easy to retrofit in existing systems

Inline-inspection – no additional cycle time

Automated bead repair function available​

Features and typical defects

  • Monitoring of adhesive application in battery manufacturing

  • Inspection of all conventional adhesive and sealant application types and colors

  • Checks the adhesive or sealant bead’s position, width, and continuity

Typical defects

  • Gaps

  • Width deviations

  • Position deviations

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Foreign Part Detection

Automated tightening with position control

After dispensing the compound thermal material, the module needs to be mounted and tightened to the battery tray. 

To avoid serious production quality issues and achieve short cycle times, the PowerPICK3D sensor ensures foreign part free assembly situation with its ultra-fast quality inspection and result provision. After acquiring the point cloud, the embedded processing unit compares the point cloud generated in production environment and calculates deviations from the CAD-file based on tolerances defined.


Foreign object and contamination detection ensures a collision-free assembly process

Consistently high and reliable level of inspection quality based on 3D images

Overall process quality depends on accuracy and reliability of vision technology

Reliable solution: High precision and maximum robustness

Features and technical data


  • Recognition of very small foreign objects, irrespective of their geometry or material, e.g. bolts, nuts, screws, nuts 

  • Robust against shiny surfaces (blue LED projection)

  • High accuracy​

Technical data

  • Detection of foreign parts > 5mm 

  • Ultra-fast measurement time < 500ms  (embedded processing unit)

  • Point cloud acquisition with embedded processing unit 

Presence / Absence

VIVA Total Statistics OnlineGUI

Presence or absence detection is a crucial process step in the battery assembly process since it ensures the quality and completeness of the finished product. 

Automated visual inspection systems ensure that a specific feature or component is present in the product being made and that no defective or incorrect components arrive at the next manufacturing stage or the end customer.

Stationary or mobile cameras inspect assemblies and components for specified properties, including completeness, presence, and correct position. Defective components can be removed or reworked immediately. This ensures that production meets the quality requirements of the downstream processes to 100%.


Unlimited flexibility and ease of use

Combination of all modules possible


  • Configurable applications

  • Integrated sequence control

  • Suitable for any 2D application

  • Standardized user interface 

  • Multiple image processing tools integrated

  • Open interfaces

Inline Gauging

When it comes to battery production, customer safety is the top priority. Perceptron's accurate, 100% inline measurement solution measures every battery tray and cover before they are attached to ensure all holes, studs, and mating surfaces meet design specifications. 

Missing or out-of-tolerance attachment features between the tray and cover could cause production problems and even severe injuries if the alignment is incorrect.


Find and fix problems at their source

Reduce process variation

Improve quality

100% quality traceability

Features and technical data


  • 100% automated, non-contact measurement

  • Robotic or structure mounted configurations

  • SPC and GD&T reporting options

  • Export and import data upstream or downstream to optimize your build process 

Technical data

  • Measurements in less than <2.5 secs.

  • System accuracy of 150 microns

Production analytics - Data-driven production efficiency

The web-based production analytics platform allows you to check the system status of all production lines at a glance or analyze production data in detail. With the quality management system, you analyze historical data, monitor current inspection data in real-time, and identify future trends in your production process.

Optimization of production

Dashboards allow you to compare production line and product data onsite or remotely, providing key insights for optimization. This enables you to make informed professional decisions along your value chain to increase the product quality as well as profitability. You can continuously track the progress of optimization measures and present them with visualized advanced reports.

Early detection of production defects

Detect and quickly identify the cause of threshold value violations at every stage of production with live status information and automatic alerts. As a result you can quickly resolve production defects, shorten downtime, and reduce production costs.

Predictive maintenance

You can prevent potential system failures by analyzing real-time data from the sensors and monitoring systems. This allows proactive planning of maintenance, based on the actual condition of the machines, instead of following a fixed schedule. This data-driven approach saves costs through reduced downtime and increased overall productivity, as well as longer production line life. 

Your benefits

  • Time-saving multi-line overviews, one view for all quality-related information
  • Minimize downtime by monitoring system health data
  • Faster reaction to quality issues with quality data monitoring
  • Fast elimination of production defects, reduction of production costs
  • Improved maintenance for reduced downtime, higher overall productivity and longer production line life

Key features

Overview on production data and plant status

Web-based solution, no client software installation required

Department oriented dashboards, customer specific adaptations are possible

Live insights from real time data

Threshold monitoring and alerting

Open to integrate relevant third-party data and export data to the customer's systems

Customer service & training


For the efficient and future-proof operation of your production systems our highly qualified service teams support you globally in all matters. We provide the implementation, maintenance and servicing as well as the analysis and optimization of your systems - quickly, reliably, 24/7. 

Visit our service center and request your customized service solution. 

Furthermore, learn in the ISRA VISION Academy how our competent trainers always keep your employees up to date with the latest knowledge so that system operators, product engineers and quality managers become real inspection experts.

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