Maximize metal sheet quality & throughput

  • Maximum throughput of high-quality products
  • Improved quality of metal sheet printing
  • Reduced waste and increased yield
  • High level of customer satisfaction

Top grade metal printing at top speed

The global demand for metal packaging is constantly increasing. Metal is used in various types of packaging, including food and non-food products, oil cans, jewelry cans, crown caps and closures and aerosol cans. Much of this packaging is printed directly, but is always coated to prevent the metal reacting with the ingredients. Defects in the coating or poor print quality mean that the products are unsaleable at the point of sale.

Printing on metal sheets is a demanding process that places high demands on print quality, coating and material integrity. Potential sources of error such as color deviations, printing errors, impurities, edge and material defects can significantly affect the quality of the end product. Achieving high product quality at high production speeds is particularly challenging.

Our inline printing and coating inspection systems guarantee 100% quality control and process optimization at maximum throughput speed. The ISRA inspection systems are suitable for both offset and digital printing technology and therefore offer a wide range of applications.

Metal printing on steel and aluminum sheets

Our DecoSTAR and DecoSTAR EVO inline print inspection solutions ensure reliable quality control for metal printing on steel and aluminum sheets. These flexible and easy-to-install systems can be used for tinplate or aluminum as well as for high-gloss or matt designs on any type of machine. DecoSTAR EVO can be used flexibly in both offset and digital printing.

Thanks to state-of-the-art LED lighting, our systems reliably identify color deviations and detect register errors, splashes, hickeys, missing color or scratches. They also detect whether ink has been sprayed onto the sealing edges, which must remain free. 

Detecting defects quickly is essential in order to produce as few rejects as possible. 

The inspection starts even before the actual printing process by comparing the future print image with a PDF (golden master) approved by the customer in order to identify defects on the printing plates or incorrectly inserted plates, for example. The make-ready process can also be accelerated. The inspection systems automatically recognize the ink marks and compare them to detect over-inking or too little ink. In this way, color deviations are detected before they become critical.

Defective sheets are ejected thanks to the inspection systems and therefore do not enter a costly downstream process, but can be recycled directly, making the manufacturing process more sustainable.

Our systems offer an intuitive multi-touch user interface that provides high-quality defect data to eliminate serial defects and increase yield. Defect classification software makes it possible to differentiate between relevant and irrelevant defects, thus increasing the saleable quantity.

Thanks to the latest camera technology, our inspection systems offer maximum performance. A modern graphical user interface ensures a high level of user-friendliness.

In addition, our systems ensure an intuitive set-up process for new jobs or the use of repeat files. They provide constant feedback on the printing process, report serial errors and allow quality parameters to be adjusted. Reporting tools provide information on quality data such as the number of defective sheets, the number of defective sheets per pallet and even a defect gallery. They also check the machine speed and provide automatic advance information on upcoming maintenance requirements.


  • Offset & digital print inspection with the same system
  • Best resolution for detection capabilities (resolution, colour, etc.)
  • The most widely used inspection system in the metal packaging industry
  • Reduce waste and increase yield
  • High form factor with a high degree of freedom to adapt to any machine on the market
  • High efficiency and long-life LED lighting for years of maintenance-free operation
  • Intuitive set-up procedure for new jobs or use of repeat files
  • 100% inline inspection for each sheet at maximum production speed
  • Continuous feedback on the printing process, reporting of serial errors, adjustable quality parameters
  • Versatile use: for tinplate or aluminium, high-gloss or matt motifs on all machine types
  • PDF-Comparison 
  • Advanced defect classification 
  • Multiple ejection parameters per quality level possible
  • Advanced LED and color camera technology 
  • Integrated data mining and reporting tools for the most efficient process and quality decisions 
  • Inline color monitoring for Delta E or LAB 
  • Inline edge control for permanent inspection of position accuracy 
  • Automatic repetition of Color Measurement bars 
  • Reporting on the machine speed
  • Machine speed reporting
  • Scratches
  • Slugs
  • Splashes 
  • Streaks 
  • Register defects 
  • Missing print 
  • Color deviations 
  • Toning & smearing
  • Doubling
  • Contamination of the weld seams
  • Max. resolution 85µm
  • Max. Speed 10,000 sheets / h
  • Max. Format 1350 x 2000 mm (WxH)
  • Required installation space 400 x 400 x 1400 mm (WxHxD)
  • Can be used before and after drying
  • Digital I/O interface for e.g. ejection, feeder stop, horn, traffic light, etc.
  • Remote maintenance access and reporting via TCP/IP

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Arkin boosts metal packaging print quality

Arkin, a Turkish manufacturer of metal packaging used for oil cans, food and non-food applications, increases print quality with a 100% inline inspection solution. The high speed of the printing press and the increasing number of colour applications made it difficult for ARKIN employees to monitor production and detect defects. ISRA VISION offered the perfect solution for this with DecoSTAR: the inspection system guarantees 100% inline inspection of up to 10,000 sheets per hour.


CoatSTAR: Optimizing metal sheet coating

Coating and metal sheets

When coating metal sheets, unsaleable materials, low throughput and high material waste can lead to considerable production costs. A decisive measure to reduce costs is therefore to process only perfectly coated sheets in the printing press. Our CoatSTAR inline inspection system plays a decisive role here by detecting defective sheets as early as the raw material preparation stage and removing them from production. 

During the entire production process, CoatSTAR automatically records data on coating quality, dimensional accuracy and the quality of the weld seams. 

This information can be used both for internal process analyses and as proof of quality for the customer. Through the targeted detection of defects, CoatSTAR helps to reduce waste and increase the sustainability of the production process. CoatSTAR meets the highest quality standards and is characterized by its modularity, making it suitable for any machine.


  • 100% inline inspection for each individual panel at maximum coating line speed
  • Easy to operate. Intuitive set-up procedure for new jobs or use of existing job files possible
  • Checking the dimensional accuracy of each sheet
  • Modern LED and line scan camera technology
  • Detection of faulty panels at the earliest possible stage of your metal decorating process
  • Coating inspection ensures the best conditions for a subsequent print run
  • Inline control of the uniformity of the coating surface
  • Constant monitoring of paint quality, dimensional accuracy and weld seams at a glance
  • Multiple ejection parameters per quality level possible
  • Defect marking signal: for mechanical marking of incorrectly coated sheets
  • Automatic masking function
  • Adjustable area sensitivity: individual setting option
  • Extended compensation of sheet movements
  • Scroll sheet detection
  • Scratches 
  • Paint splashes
  • Holes
  • Soot particles
  • Inclusions
  • Lack of coating
  • Contamination of the weld seams
  • Max. resolution 170µm
  • Max. speed 12,000 sheets / h
  • Max. format 1350 x 2000 mm (WxH)
  • Required installation space 200 x 200 x 1400 mm (WxHxD)
  • Can be used before and after drying
  • Digital I/O interface for e.g. ejection, feeder stop, horn, traffic light, etc.
  • Remote maintenance access and reporting via TCP/I

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Print inspection for metal packaging en

Print inspection for metal packaging english
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Cinbal tackles production costs with inline inspection

Cinbal - one of the largest manufacturers in South America - responds to the high cost pressure in the production of metal packaging with 100% inline inspection. The producer was faced with the difficulty that defects were not only occurring during the decoration process when printing, but also beforehand when coating the sheets. The CoatSTAR and DecoSTAR inline inspection systems offered a solution. 


Production analytics - Data-driven efficiency

The web-based production analytics platform allows you to check the system status of all production lines at a glance or analyze production data in detail. With the quality management system, you analyze historical data, monitor current inspection data in real-time, and identify future trends in your production process.

Early detection of production defects

Detect and quickly identify the cause of threshold value violations at every stage of production with live status information and automatic alerts. As a result you can quickly resolve production defects, shorten downtime, and reduce production costs.

Predictive maintenance

You can prevent potential system failures by analyzing real-time data from the sensors and monitoring systems. This allows proactive planning of maintenance, based on the actual condition of the machines, instead of following a fixed schedule. This data-driven approach saves costs through reduced downtime and increased overall productivity, as well as longer production line life. 

Optimization of production

Dashboards allow you to compare production line and product data onsite or remotely, providing key insights for optimization. This enables you to make informed professional decisions along your value chain to increase the product quality as well as profitability. You can continuously track the progress of optimization measures and present them with visualized advanced reports.

Your benefits

  • Time-saving multi-line overviews, one view for all quality-related information
  • Minimize downtime by monitoring system health data
  • Faster reaction to quality issues with quality data monitoring
  • Fast elimination of production defects, reduction of production costs
  • Improved maintenance for reduced downtime, higher overall productivity and longer production line life

Key Features

  • Overview on production data and plant status
  • Live insights from real time data
  • Department oriented dashboards, customer specific adaptations are possible
  • Web-based solution, no client software installation required
  • Threshold monitoring and alerting
  • Open to integrate relevant third-party data and export data to the customer's systems

Print production analyzed: Identify potential cost savings

Our technical article explains how production analytics software helps to identify potential cost savings. Our technical article explains how production analytics software helps to identify potential cost savings. Practical case studies clearly show how the analysis of existing data indicates quality deficiencies and thus helps to develop appropriate solutions.


Service solutions and individual trainings

For the efficient and future-proof operation of your production systems our highly qualified service teams support you globally in all matters. We provide the implementation, maintenance and servicing as well as the analysis and optimization of your systems.

Learn in the ISRA VISION Academy how our competent trainers always keep your employees up to date with the latest knowledge so that system operators, product engineers and quality managers become real inspection experts.

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