This page shows all inspection solutions for metal sheet decoration


Inspection solutions for metal sheet decoration

  • Maximum throughput of high-quality products
  • Enhanced quality of metal sheet printing
  • Reduced waste and increased yield
  • High level of customer satisfaction

High quality in metal sheet decoration at fast production speed

Metal sheet decoration is a complex process that places high demands on printing, coating, and material integrity. A whole range of defect sources, such as color deviations, printing defects, contaminations, edge defects, and material defects, can significantly impair the quality of the final product. One of the biggest challenges, however, is to achieve high product quality at a fast production speed. 

Our inline printing and coating inspection solutions ensure both 100% quality control and process optimization at maximum throughput.

Top-quality metal printing on steel and aluminum sheet

Reliable quality control for metal printing on steel and aluminum sheets is guaranteed by the DecoStar inline print inspection solution. The flexible system can be used for tinplate or aluminum as well as high-gloss or matte motifs on any type of machine. With highly efficient LED lighting, the system reliably identifies color deviations as well as edge and material defects. In addition, featuring an intuitive multi-touch user interface, the system delivers high-quality defect data that helps eliminate serial defects and reduce waste.


Best resolution suitable for detection capabilities (resolution, color, etc.)

The most widely used inspection system in the metal decorating industry

Reduce waste and increase yield

High form-fit factor with a high degree of freedom to fit any machine in the market

High efficiency and long-life LED illumination for years of maintenance-free service

100% inline inspection for every single sheet at the highest production speed

Intuitive setup procedure for new jobs or use of repeating job files

Constant feedback on the print run, notification of serial defects, adjustable quality parameters

Versatile: can be used for tin plate or aluminum, high-gloss or matte motives on any kind of machines

Features and typical defects


  • PDF-Comparison 
  • Advanced defect classification 
  • Advanced LED and color camera technology 
  • Integrated data mining and reporting tools for the most efficient process and quality decisions 
  • In-line color monitoring for Delta E or LAB 
  • In-line edge control for permanent inspection of position accuracy 
  • Automatic repetition of Color Measurement bars 
  • Machine speed reporting 
  • Maintenance reporting 

Typical defects

  • Scratches 
  • Hickeys 
  • Splashes 
  • Streaks 
  • Register defects 
  • Missing print 
  • Color deviations 
  • Print on areas, which should be empty 
  • Ghosting  

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Flawless coating of metal sheets with automatic quality inspection

Coating and metal sheets

In the coating of metal sheets, reproductions due to unsaleable materials, low throughput, and high material waste lead to an increase in production costs. Therefore, only flawless-coated sheets may be processed in the printing press. Already in the raw material processing phase, our CoatSTAR inline inspection system detects defective plates and ensures that they are removed from production. Throughout the production process, CoatSTAR automatically records data on coating quality, plate edges, and weld areas. This data can then be further used either for internal process analyses or as proof of quality for the customer. CoatSTAR meets the highest quality standards and its modularity makes it suitable for any machine. 


100% inline inspection for every single sheet at the highest coating machine speed

Easy to operate. The intuitive setup procedure for new jobs or use of existing job files

Detection of defective sheets at the earliest possible stage of your metal decoration process

Coating inspection assures the best conditions for a later print run

Inline check of coating area uniformity

Reduce waste of raw material to a minimum

Advanced LED and line scan camera technology

Features and typical defects


  • Constant monitoring of coating quality, sheet margins, and welding areas at a glance 
  • Defect sheet marker signal: for mechanical marking of defect-coated sheets 
  • Automatic masking function 
  • Adjustable region sensitivity: Individual sensitivity settings 
  • Advanced sheet movement compensation 
  • Scroll-sheet detection 

Typical defects

  • Scratches 
  • Missing coating 
  • Coating splashes in welding areas 

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