This page shows all inspection solutions for wafer production

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Inspection solutions for the wafer production

  • Increased uptime
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased yield

Wafer production

Increase yield while ensuring the highest quality and process reliability, even in ongoing wafer production.

Our inline optical inspection systems reliably detect defects on the surface, at the edge and inside the bulk wafer material to significantly increase your production capacity. Save costs by removing defective material before it reaches the next stage of the production process.

Post-Grinding / Pre-Polishing Inspection

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CMP eliminates micro peaks and valleys. 

However, microcracks in the bulk wafer material or at the wafer edge can lead to wafer breakage during polishing or other downstream processes, resulting in high costs. Defective wafers must be rejected in time to avoid expensive cleaning and extended machine downtime.


Increased uptime: Microcrack detection minimizes wafer breakage during the polishing process

Efficiency: Simultaneous scanning of bulk and surface at line speeds of up to 180 wafers/hour

Flexibility: Seamless integration into existing process lines

Features, typical defects and technical data


  • Defect detection down to <5 µm crack width 
  • Wafer mapping / 2D coordination map 
  • Inspection of the wafer edge from three perspectives  
  • Scan speed: Up to 130°/sec 
  • Optional notch inspection 

Typical defects

  • Chippings 
  • Micro-cracks 
  • Etch residuals 
  • Scratches on the front and rear side 
  • Crystal defects (twin-lamella) 

Technical data

  • High-resolution line scan cameras with LED line illumination using different wavelengths 
  • Integrated adjustment of thresholds and crack characteristics for sensitive optimization of the detection result 
  • Typ. resolution: 20 μm, optional down to 1,5 μm 
  • Optical Setup for edge inspection: 2 × 45° prisms & direct side view for 3-sided image acquired 
  • Semi standard interface 

Avoid unnecessary downtime in your semiconductor production

Using ISRA VISIONs unique inspection technology wafer breakage in the polishing machine is significantly minimized, preventing unnecessary downtimes in process machinery. By removing wafers with critical defects from the production process the CrackScan and EdgeScan inspection systems have been proven to increase productivity. 

Discover why a spezialized semiconductor producer and technology leader has chosen the inspection solutions from ISRA VISION to optimize his production.

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Final Quality / End-of-line Inspection

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Improve production yields with 100% in-line inspection, even at high inspection speeds. Using patented MultiView technology, our systems reliably identify and classify macro defects, handling scratches or etch residues. This allows defective wafers to be removed from the process at an early stage.


Defect detection in a wide range of coating and lamination techniques

Continuous and complete process control

Defects detection on both sides of the web

Checking of register accuracy

Features, typical defects and technical data


  • Defect detection on wafer surfaces and wafer edges 
  • Rear side inspection (non-functional side)  
  • Front side inspection for GaAs (relaxed requirements) 
  • Automatic defect classification 
  • Optional notch inspection 

Typical defects

  • Scratches on the front and rear side 
  • Etch pits („round“ polished) on the front side 
  • Etch defects esp. on the rear side 
  • Etch residuals 
  • Edge chippings 

Technical data

  • High-resolution line scan cameras 
  • Highest throughput 50 -100 wph (appl. dep.) 
  • MultiView technology with adapted wavelength and resolution 
  • Pixel resolution: typ. 3 μm/px 
  • Semi standard interface 

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Surface Topology Inspection Form control and defect detection for bare and sapphire wafers


Wafer planarity is essential for perfect assembly. SpecGAGE3D is a compact solution for efficient quality inspection of reflective surfaces. Using deflectometry, height deviations, and defects are reliably detected in a single measurement.

The measurement data is compared to the CAD data, and differences are evaluated within seconds. The system quickly and efficiently determines whether the manufactured wafers are within the required dimensional tolerances. This enables users to minimize production waste while optimizing processes and machine settings.

Integrated into fully automated production lines, SpecGAGE3D permanently improves the process and reduces production costs.


Detects defects on the front and back side of the web

Reliable checking of register accuracy

Continuous and seamless process control

Features, typical defects and technical data

  • Precise height measurement on reflective surfaces for wafer shape inspection 
  • High detection rate with extremely low slope variations 
  • Evaluation according to shape and surface defects 

Typical defects

  • Shape deviations 
  • Waviness 
  • Scratches, inclusions, dots 
Technical data
  • Measuring principle: Phase measuring deflectometry 
  • Measuring fields: 300x200 - 600×400 mm² 
  • Lateral resolution: ~ 20-240 µm 
  • Accuracy elevation map:  +/- 10 μm on 10×10 cm² 

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