Geometry measurement and contour inspection for photovoltaic wafers

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Geometry measurement and contour inspection for photovoltaic wafers

Captures one single matrix image on the fly

Support for half-cut samples - two samples in a single camera image

Dimensional check (edge lengths, angles, chamfer lengths, chamfer angles)

Contour defects (Intrusions, V-Breaks, Breakage, chamfer breakage)

Inspection of wafer sizes from M6 to M12+

High-precision geometric measurement for maximum throughput

Edge distortions and geometric irregularities are detected in cycle times of less than one second. The inspected wafers are sorted into different quality classes based on their geometric properties. Wafers that do not meet the desired quality can thus be removed before further processing – ensuring high quality for excellent module effectiveness and permanently reduced warranty costs.

With the “Copy-Exact” calibration concept, users can also transfer inspection recipes and settings quickly between production lines. This ensures a uniform inspection standard and reduces the system set-up workload

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