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Inspection solutions for solar modules

  • Increased output: Achieve maximum yield with fully exploited production potential
  • Saved resources: Optimum use of material, equipment, and engineering times
  • Maximum process transparency: Anticipate process weaknesses at the earliest possible


Reduce your production costs and make sure that the modules you produce are of outstanding quality.

To achieve this outstanding quality, the raw materials have to be right. Our inspection solutions for incoming cells, thin film, foil, or solar glass detect the smallest defects and faulty material. Subsequent removal saves valuable production capacity.

Cloud-based data management reduces set-up workload and significantly accelerates commissioning and recipe adjustments. 

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Incoming cell inspection & classification

final cell sorting

Identifying faulty cells before the stringer saves valuable module production capacity. CELL-Q identifies faulty cells in time and monitors their performance class. Damage caused by transporting and handling can be claimed and rectified.


Save money: Reclaim poor cells to the supplier

Achieve homogenous modules regarding color and performance

Lowest overkill and underkill rates

Features, typical defects and technical data


  • Incoming cell control before stringer

  • Contact Grid inspection: detection of print defects and monitoring of printing position

  • Color sorting:  detection of color and coating defects and cell sorting by color classes

  • Detection of other surface and contour defects 

  • Simple recipe exchange / Recipe Copy-Exact

Typical defects

  • Color defects: discolorations, inhomogeneities

  • Surface defects: stains, fingerprints, scratches

  • Grid defects: interruptions, thinnings, slubs, nodes, stains, smearings, mispositioning

Technical data

  • Even for wafer sizes over 210 mm

  • Recipe Copy-Exact

  • LightDome Technology for the highest isotropy and homogeneity

  • Multiview Technology for the highest sensitivity in surface defect detection 

  • Image analysis on cumulative defect overlay image

  • Matrix camera technology for best metrology

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Data Analytics / CPV

Connected PV web 16 9

Transparency increases efficiency: Visualize and analyze process data in real-time. All our inspection systems provide data for yield evaluation and comparison to anticipate and counteract process deviations.


Maximum process transparency: Live view production status from first day on

Fast identification of underperforming processes: Reach higher yield by fine-tuning processes immediately

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