100% inspection of dicing streets in semiconductor manufacturing


Defect detection on the front and rear side

Dicing the wafers involves the risk of defects occurring in the dicing streets. Accurate inspection of the dicing streets reliably detects these defects and minimizes the reclamation rate for chips and dies. 

The DicingScan inspection tool enables 100% wafer inspection. High-performance line scan cameras precisely detect defects such as edge chippings in the dicing streets. In addition, the tool checks the presence, position, and completeness of the dicing streets.

With our patented MultiView imaging technology, which forms the basis of the WafQScan process, users are also able to inspect the rear side of the wafer through carrier tape (foil). DicingScan ensures that only dies / chips are processed that are of impeccable quality.

  • Defect detection of chippings etc. immediately after dicing
  • Front and rear-side inspection, even through the carrier tape
  • 100 % Quality assurance: Only high-quality dies and chips are processed
  • Inspection of the dicing streets in the back end of the line
  • Efficiency: Check of the position, integrity and quality of dicing lines in one scan

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Back End Process

100% inspection of the dicing streets: DicingScan precisely detects defects and checks the presence, position, and completeness of the dicing streets.
back end process

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