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Inspection solutions for paper, pulp, board and tissue

  • Reduce web breaks by at least 50% with the best performing unified system (WIS / WBM / UCS)
  • Detection of the tiniest defects in the µm range at web speeds of up to 2,000 m/min
  • Sustainable process stabilization to reduce your carbon footprint
  • Integrated solution from wet to door
  • Process efficiency and product optimization by production analytics

Paper, pulp, board and tissue inspection

Paper Machine Web Break Monitoring

Paper Machine

In today´s paper, pulp, board, and tissue production, web breaks and a range of other substrate defects present a significant issue in all types of paper machines, coaters, and converting operations. Reducing breaks and paper defects is an important objective given the increasing speed and operating complexities of the present production environment.

ISRA VISION´s complete set of camera-based web monitoring and inspection systems covers the entire process chain from pulp to reel. In addition, our systems and software solutions help to optimize the entire production chain – from headbox to the ultimate delivery of the manufactured product to the customers. 

Tissue machine web break monitoring

Tissue Machine

This complete inspection setup enables manufacturers to significantly reduce costs caused by avoidable web breaks in the slitting and winding process, while accurate defect reports for each cut roll offer 100% production documentation.

Typically, savings of 500.000 €/annum can be realized by implementing the complete inspection suite.

Webbreak Monitoring

All installed components in a paper machine are exposed to harsh environments with dirt, moisture, and high temperatures in which optical-electronic devices operate very delicately. On top of that, a reduction in maintenance costs is always a welcome addition.

To withstand these environmental conditions and minimize exposure, ISRA WBM System utilizes a special housing for the high-performance camera for web break analysis that always guarantees perfect image quality. Even the smallest details become visible with the camera so that faults can be automatically detected early in the development process and stopped in time before costly events occur.


Reduce web breaks by at least 50% with the best performing unified system (WIS / WBM / UCS).

Detect even the tiniest defects in the µm range at web speeds of up to 2,000 meters per minute.

Sustainable process stabilization to reduce your carbon footprint

Integrated inspection solution from wet to door

Process efficiency and product optimization by production analytics

Features, typical defects and technical data


  • Crystal clear images 
  • Excellent video root cause analysis for fast corrective action 
  • All-in-one: Compact, ruggedized stainless steel housing including camera, processing, illumination and cleaning 
  • Easy to install even in challenging environments with limited spaces, dirt, water and heat 
  • Automated razorblade or brush cleaning 
  • Real-time information to reduce web breaks typically by 50 % 

Typical defects

  • Dirt

  • Holes

  • Wrinkles 

  • Bitumen  

  • Edge cracks 

  • Formation defects

Technical data

Designed for the following web speeds:
  • Paper machines up to 2.000 m/min
  • Tissue machines up to 2.300 m/min

Learn how to reduce breaks and paper defects in your production.

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Web Inspection

The Web Inspection System (WIS) captures high-resolution defect images over the full web width even at the highest web speeds with high-speed line cameras - or area cameras - and innovative lighting technology. For such a WIS systems, even though paper is mostly monochrome, the use of color cameras in the paper machine provides advantages. The classification gets a significant boost as low contrast defects cannot be detected by black-and-white cameras and could be missed. Plus, it´s now possible to distinguish between an oil and a water drop - a certainly important feature for error source analysis.


Easy configuration and integration

Perfect defect image quality at highest speeds

Guarantee highest quality standards and customer satisfaction

Reduce machine degeneration and maintenance, increase machine uptime

Increase production efficiency and maximize throughput

Monitor yield at all production stages and reduce manufacturing costs

Features, typical defects and technical data


  • Latest, fastest high-resolution camera and integrated optical technology 
  • Highest detection performance down to microns 
  • Best single- and multilayer detection results 
  • Ensuring 100 % defect detection at highest production speeds 
  • Outstanding defect classification within shortest time 

Typical defects

  • Dirt
  • Wrinkles 
  • Bitumen 
  • Edge cracks 
  • Formation defects
Technical data
Designed for the following web speeds:

  • Paper machines up to 2.000 m/min
  • Tissue machines up to 2.300 m/min

Learn how to reduce breaks and paper defects in your production.

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Unwind / Converting Control System

Converting Control System Tissue Production

Converting Control System  

To reduce web breaks and costs in the further processing of tissue products, the Converting Control System (CCS) detects surface defects logged by the inspection system on the Tissue machine. At double-width tissue machines, an additional middle-cut detection, inspecting the quality of the edges along the cut is done, and the production data is stored for later processing and retrieval. The CCS enables synchronization of the defect positions on the different layers. The layer-independent defect position to control the speed of the converting line is then transmitted by the CCS. Thus, web breaks will be drastically reduced in tissue converting lines.

UCS Unwind Control System

Unwind Control System - Laser Marker  

The flexible Unwind Control System accurately assigns defects and precisely synchronizes the defect database for each roll using a code marking applied to the web edge. This ensures that defects can be clearly assigned by location on the sheet in the next production stage, regardless of paper losses incurred in the process.

The UCS can be integrated at various points in the process, such as the reeler, the offline coating, calenders, or winder. 

unwind control system laser marker 16-9

To achieve an exact position synchronization between the defect database of the jumbo-reel, the application of a length code along the edge of the paper web is used. To date, length codes have been applied with conventional inkjet marking systems that cause costs due to regular cleaning, and high consumption of ink.

In addition, possible ink contamination of the substrate can occur, leading to customer complaints. ISRA´s UCS Laser Marker overcomes these limitations by using an absolutely safe and reliable laser-based length code marking system with maintenance and consumables costs that are almost zero. In addition, distances between the individual length marks can be drastically reduced, and laser-based marking systems are suitable for nearly all paper grades.


Unwind Control System: Accurate defect assignment: Precisely synchronizes the defect database for each roll - for a clear fault assignment and maximum availability of the winder.

Features and technical data


Unwind Control System:
  • Cutting-edge code marking tec 
  • LaserMarker: virtually maintenance free, no consumables 
  • InkMarker for Tissue & Light Weight Papers 
  • Exact sychronisation 
  • Comparision of position with defect database technology 

Technical data

  • Designed for web speeds up to 3.000 m/min

Learn how to reduce breaks and paper defects in your production.

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Paper Quality Management System makes the difference and connects the dots


A WBM or WIS cannot achieve the level of optimization without the software that connects all the bits and pieces of information gathered from sensors and cameras. PAPER MASTER 4.0 is the first browser-based platform for surface analysis to access the data of the ISRA system from anywhere, whether it be directly at the production line, in a meeting room, or on the road, by simply using mobile devices such as a tablet or a smartphone.

PAPER MASTER 4.0 combines all data from the ISRA inspection and web break monitoring systems, the slitter and winder control, with all the software modules, in our paper quality management system on one browser-based platform. A new, modern, and intuitive user interface makes data access even easier.


Paper quality management (Yield management, Production analytics, Product data optimization)


  • Roll Release, Repair & Reassignment (Grading)

  • Monitoring & Alarming

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Production analytics - Data-driven production efficiency

The web-based production analytics platform allows you to check the system status of all production lines at a glance or analyze production data in detail. With the quality management system, you analyze historical data, monitor current inspection data in real-time, and identify future trends in your production process.

Optimization of production

Dashboards allow you to compare production line and product data onsite or remotely, providing key insights for optimization. This enables you to make informed professional decisions along your value chain to increase the product quality as well as profitability. You can continuously track the progress of optimization measures and present them with visualized advanced reports.

Early detection of production defects

Detect and quickly identify the cause of threshold value violations at every stage of production with live status information and automatic alerts. As a result you can quickly resolve production defects, shorten downtime, and reduce production costs.

Predictive maintenance

You can prevent potential system failures by analyzing real-time data from the sensors and monitoring systems. This allows proactive planning of maintenance, based on the actual condition of the machines, instead of following a fixed schedule. This data-driven approach saves costs through reduced downtime and increased overall productivity, as well as longer production line life. 

Your benefits

  • Time-saving multi-line overviews, one view for all quality-related information
  • Minimize downtime by monitoring system health data
  • Faster reaction to quality issues with quality data monitoring
  • Fast elimination of production defects, reduction of production costs
  • Improved maintenance for reduced downtime, higher overall productivity and longer production line life

Key features

Overview on production data and plant status

Web-based solution, no client software installation required

Department oriented dashboards, customer specific adaptations are possible

Live insights from real time data

Threshold monitoring and alerting

Open to integrate relevant third-party data and export data to the customer's systems

Customer service & training


For the efficient and future-proof operation of your production systems our highly qualified service teams support you globally in all matters. We provide the implementation, maintenance and servicing as well as the analysis and optimization of your systems - quickly, reliably, 24/7. 

Visit our service center and request your customized service solution. 

Furthermore, learn in the ISRA VISION Academy how our competent trainers always keep your employees up to date with the latest knowledge so that system operators, product engineers and quality managers become real inspection experts.

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