Did you know? ISRA GP Solar systems…

  • ... offer reliable inspection at speeds of up to  4,500 wafers/h.
  • ... can detect even tiny defects measuring just a few micrometers.
  • ... are the only systems in the world to offer 100% inspection, from the wafer to the finished solar module.
  • ... provide answers to quality and process questions in 90% of the world’s production facilities.

Lower costs per watt in solar cell production

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A bright future for solar power

Learn, in the scientific article of Imaging and Machine Vision Europe magazine, how ISRA VISION meets the requirements for higher inspection speed while increasing the efficiency of the process.

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Achieve unprecedented process stability with complete production transparency: React immediately to pending problems and benefit from highest yields at the lowest cost

YieldViewer identifies and specifies process deviations in real time

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