Reduce scrap of extruded aluminum profiles and increase yield with surface inspection.

The visual inspection of extruded aluminum profiles is a time and resource consuming task. The generated aluminum scrap not only lowers your productivity and customer satisfaction but also reduces your yield. The EXTRUSION MASTER system enables you to allocate these resources more efficiently. EXTRUSION MASTER provides a fully automated surface inspection of extruded aluminum profiles on single and multistrand aluminum lines.

Early in the production process the system classifies and detects defective material. This allows you to avoid processing unmarketable material and reduce aluminum scrap by up to 30%.

The inspection system also ensures maximum die utilization by setting individual thresholds for die lines or streaks, making it a powerful predictive maintenance tool.

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Optical inspection assures reliable defect detection on aluminum profiles.

A wide range of defects can occur on profiles during aluminum extrusion. Defects on extruded or painted aluminum profiles are even more difficult to find than on other aluminum products, such as flat strips, making a consistent quality production even more a challenge.

The ISRA system’s reliable sensors detect every relevant defect in the earliest stage simultaneously on all visible sides of the product. Profiles of different shapes and sizes can be inspected without a new system set up. The requested shapes are taught into the system via CAD drawings.

Thereby the utilization of your material is optimized and you are able to reduce scrap by up to 30 %.

Optimal timing of die exchange through predictive maintenance analysis

Worn out die are a usual cause for surface defects. The EXTRUSION MASTER performs a predictive maintenance analysis and recommends the optimal timing for the die exchange. The product maintenance system EXPERT 5i suite, which is tailored to increase yield and throughput at each stage of the aluminum making process, transforms inspection and process data into cost-saving decisions.

  • EXPERT 5i ProfileRelease: Provides quality analysis of profiles and issues a release suggestion for next process or the end customer.
  • EXPERT 5i ProfileRepair: Evaluates the efficiency of repair measures and frequently prevents profile down grading.
  • EXPERT 5i DefectTrend: Shows synchronized trend data of relevant surface defects spanning multiple batches. Instant defect notifications allow for immediate responses to process problems.

EXTRUSION MASTER surface inspection

  • Achieve a significant reduction in scrap production
  • Inspect profiles of different shapes and sizes 
  • Fast ROI that begins after only a few days due to pre-configured system
  • Timely extrusion press shut-off through early detection of relevant defects
  • Monitoring of die life-time (predictive maintenance)
  • Quality statistics for precise process and product analysis
  • Optimize extrusion speed, billet heating and color coating

EXPERT 5i suite predictive maintenance

  • Information for faster response to sudden or gradual increase of defects
  • Improved quality based on faster response capability
  • Ability to detect subtle shifts in defect densities spanning many coils for process optimization
  • Configurable alarms
  • Maintenance can be performed as required, not as scheduled

EXTRUSION MASTER enables automated surface inspection of extruded aluminum profiles.

  • Single and multistrand inline surface inspection for extruded aluminum profiles.
  • Automated inspection of all visible sides of all parallel produced profiles.
  • Profiles of different shapes and sizes can be inspected without new set up.
  • Evaluates die condition and recommends optimum moment to change rolls before the product quality deteriorates.

The EXPERT 5i suite of software modules transforms inspection and process data into cost saving decisions.

  • Calculation of defect densities for each type of defect
  • Graphical visualization of defect densities over position
  • Alarms based on density thresholds and gradients



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